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The demand for supplements skyrocketed, which makes sense. When reality feels out of control, consumers reach for products that help with mood, prevent illness and strengthen our systems for the challenges of uncertainty—and that demand is only predicted to grow.

Another by-product of the pandemic: Cannabis proved itself to be recession-proof, and millions of Americans found cannabinoids to be a key source of plant-derived stress relief. Mushrooms are having a moment as well (both psychedelic and otherwise), and their popularity further underscores the revived Western interest in ancient herbal medicine traditions and rising consumer appetite for plant-based alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Millennials and Gen Z are leading the charge in their openness to natural remedies and integrative health—they’re all about the ounce of prevention.

All of these developments are good news for consumers, brands, and investors in the supplement space as well as those in cannabis, hemp, and fungi. Here are the trends I see dominating markets in 2022.

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